A personalized Euro Souvenir Note

 Showing The Tourist And Cultural Sites Of Ireland

The Euro Souvenir Note, which is in essence a Euro banknote with zero value and a personalized picture, has only been available since 2015 for a few countries so far, for example France (2015), Germany (2016) and Portugal. Finally, customers in Ireland can get their own Euro Souvenir Note with a picture of their attraction printed on it, we just need a photo.

The Euro Souvenir is an excellent marketing medium and high-quality advertising material for your attraction. The impact on the visitors is really stunning, they truly love it. Target group are tourists, visitors and collectors. The souvenir note is popular with all age groups. An impulse purchase with added value! The Euro Souvenir Note is the reference product for all tourist attractions and has become one of the most purchased souvenirs in the countries where it is available. Please have a look at the many different international news and press coverage

Popular Buildings


-100% cotton paper (i.e. real bank note paper) with custom filigrane and security stripe-
-Offset printing with numerous iridescent shades, micro lines, secure fiduciary backgrounds, transvision and UV visible colours-
-Soft Size Printing for a tactile effect-
-A holographic patch-

-Unique incremental numbering-

Please see How it Works for details


Based on extensive market research, the Euro Souvenir was launched in 2015. When it comes to buying souvenirs, this concept meets the expectations and needs of tourists and visitors. The goal is to sell a sustainable souvenir for the European culture & art sector, which convinces by quality and fun. Read more

Vending Machine

The high-quality Euro Souvenir is sold in a modern design banknote machine at the box office reception or at the end of your visit to your attraction. The price is 2 euros per ticket.
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Get your own zero euro note

We just need a picture from you with the desired image

Opportunity for the tourism sector 

As the international press reports and news coverage from France and Germany show, there is much excitement around the Euro Souvenir notes, or "zero euro notes", how some call them. The notes are hugely successful and have become a substantial revenue driver for those institutions who have issued their own notes, as tourists, visitors and collectors even from foreign countries love them and have bought them.

In some cases, the notes were already sold out before the actual release, so there was an urgent need to print more to satisfy the huge demand. What is unfortunate is that there are no zero euro notes from Ireland yet available, but this has now changed and institutions and customers from Ireland can send in their photos with the beautiful tourist and visitor attractions of Ireland, and we will arrange the printing. Have a look at further examples of zero euro souvenir notes here.

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