AIBF Business All-Stars 2023:
Cultural Innovative Product of the Year

TWe had totally missed to announce that we had successfully achieved the prestigious Business All-Stars Accreditation of the All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF) in 2023, and were awarded with the "Cultural Innovative Product" award of the year. It is a great honor for our small company to be a part of the AIBF tribe, where there are some of the most successful and reputable companies in Ireland that have also achieved this award of customer centricity and business excellence.

Our first accreditation as a Business All-Stars company was in 2021, that we successfully achieved after a thorough analysis of our products, operations, leadership, customer service practice and quality, and basically all aspects of the company through the AIBF, when some of their people took detailed looks in the various areas of our business for the accreditation process.

In 2023 we decided to do another accreditation to show our dedication to quality and customer excellence, and we are really proud to be the company with the Cultural Innovative Product.

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