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About the 0 Euro banknotes

This page describes the Euro Souvenir banknote in great detail and explains all the features of the product, from the blank template to the finished product with your own picture or motif on it. Read More

Vending Machines

This page is all about the vending machine that is an important part of the Euro Souvenir concept and that basically automates all the selling for you. Customers and visitors really love this stylish ATM-like machine. Read More


Our pricing is really simple. Here you can find our current pricing and package size options for your personalized Euro Souvenir banknote order. Read More


Our order process is really simple. Here you get all the information what is needed (and it is really easy!) in order to get a Souvenir Banknote with the picture of your visitor attraction or your desired motif on it. Read More

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