The importance of souvenirs for the tourism industry

Souvenirs play a significant role in the tourism industry, providing travelers with a tangible reminder of their experiences and the destinations they have visited. Read More

Press Release: Euro Note Souvenir Ltd Become Business All-Stars

The All-Ireland Business Foundation has accredited Euro Note Souvenir Ltd with a Business All-Star accreditation. Read More

Business All-Star accreditation

Euro Note Souvenir Ltd achieves the Business All-Star accreditation of the All-Ireland Foundation for 2021 and joins the ranks of 
Best-in-Class Irish businesses.

The 0 Euro banknotes in Irish news 

There were several articles about the Quiet Man note and the Michael Collins note published in Irish news, in the Irish Post, the Southern Star and IrishCentral.

Euro Note Souvenir Ltd wins Prestige Award 2020

We were recently informed that we are 2020 winner of the Prestige Award in the Republic of Ireland and were named Souvenir Specialists of the Year. This is an immense achievement for the company, given that it started operating only in 2019. 

"Michael Collins" arrives with four weeks delay

While it was originally planned to release the Michael Collins commemorative 0 Euro banknote at the beginning of September, there was a four week delay in the production process and the final release was at the beginning of October 2020. 

"The Quiet Man" will get its own 0 Euro Banknote shortly

In a few week's time, around mid April 2020, a new Irish 0 Euro Banknote will be released that shows the statue of The Quiet Man in Cong, Co. Mayo, where the popular movie with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara was shotRead More

The Mystery Note of the Market House Castleblayney

In April 2019, our company received the order to produce a 0 Euro note with an image of the old Market House in Castleblayney in Co. Monaghan, alongside an image of the popular Irish singer Big Tom. Castleblayney was his home village. Read More

New: RMS Titanic Euro Souvenir Banknote

A new motif that features the RMS Titanic will be added to the growing collection of the popular 0 Euro notes around the end of February. The iconic ship is an important part of Ireland's heritage, as it was built in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Read More

Wonderful Christmas gifts

The Euro Souvenir (aka 0 Euro) notes are indeed a great and innovative idea to make someody a very nice gift for Christmas, be it friends, family members, colleagues or business partners. Read More

October Coin Fair

Euro Note Souvenir Ltd will be present with a stand at the Coin Fair in the RDS in Dublin on 18. - 19. October 2019. We are looking forward to meet the coin collectors and numismatics and to present the 0 Euro notes to the visitors.

October Coin Fair 2019 RDS Dublin Euro Note Souvenir

Excellent promotional products

The 0 Euro notes are indeed extraordinary promotional products for a tourist or visitor attraction. The notes can be personalized and exclusively designed with an image of an attraction, as for example a castle, abbey or historic building... Read More

Promotional Products for tourist attractions and visitor businesses in Ireland. Personalized merchandise and personalized souvenirs

Euro Note Souvenir at the AVEA CONFERENCE 2019

On the 7th and 8th of October 2019, the AVEA Conference 2019 takes place in the Thomond Park in Limerick, and we are really looking forward to attend this interesting conference for the visitor and tourism attractions in Ireland. Read More

AVEA2019 AVEA Conference 2019 in Limerick

A Euro Souvenir for the 30th Anniversary of the Foynes Museum

A special Euro Souvenir note was designed for the 30th birthday of the Flying Boat & Maritime museum in Foynes, Co. Limerick, Ireland. It shows a collage with imagery of the museum. For this event, we also made a little promo video and we look forward to visit the museum on 7th July. See you there!  Read More

A Euro Souvenir for the 30th Anniversary of the Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum Limerick Ireland

New Release in June: "Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum" 0 Euro Banknote

The fourth of the upcoming 0 Euro Banknotes that will be released in June shows a stunning collage that captures the essence of the Flying Boat & Maritime Museum in Foynes. This Euro Souvenir is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the museum this year.  Read More


New Release in June: "Dublin" 0 Euro Banknote

The third 0 Euro Banknote of the new releases is titled "Dublin". It is a collage of some of the most iconic, best-known landmarks in Dublin. And it looks really beautiful and is a unique keepsake for everybody who has visited Dublin and who has seen all those places.  Read More


New Release in June: "Ireland" 0 Euro Banknote

The second 0 Euro Banknotes of the new releases of the new series is titled "Ireland", and shows a collage of some of Ireland's most well-known places and landmarks, such as the Blarney Castle, Giant's Causeway and the Cliffs of Moher. Read More

zero 0 euro souvenir banknote Ireland souvenirschein

New Release in June: Eire Banknote

June is a big month, because a total of four new, beautiful motifs in the series of Ireland's Euro Souvenir banknotes are going to be released. The first one is titled "Eire", and features a celtic harp and the map of Ireland, along with shamrocks and the Triquetra or Trinity Knot, a Celtic Symbol. Read More

zero 0 euro souvenir banknote Eire souvenirschein

Personalized souvenirs for heritage center

The Euro Souvenir is a great concept for small and large heritage center, because it allows them to represent the significance of their work and their collections as well as the beauty and importance of the heritage on a personalized souvenir banknote. Read More

personalized gifts and souvenirs heritage center Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher on a banknote

Around the end of march, a new and very special banknote will be available in Ireland. It is a 0 Euro banknote, also referred to as Euro Souvenir, that shows a stunning picture of the Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland's most iconic and most visited natural attractions. Read More

cliffs of moher, cliffs of moher souvenir, cliffs of moher banknote, cliffs of moher image
Business Opportunity for local souvenir shops and gift shops

Many famous visitor attractions like famous castles or even natural formations (as for example the Cliffs of Moher) have a variety of dedicated souvenir and gift shops nearby, that benefit from the amount of visitors and tourists, and provide them with nice products that the tourists can purchase, so they have a nice keepsake and souvenir to their visit. Read More

Marketing your Zoo or Animal Park

The Euro Souvenir banknote is very successful in marketing a Zoo, an Animal Park, Wildlife Park or Animal Sanctuary in France, Germany and other EUR countries. It is a very popular souvenir for visitors and also the large community of collectors waiting for new motifs to be released across the EU. Read More

marketing for zoo animal wildlife park animal sanctuary zoo merchandise promotion fundraising souvenir visitor attraction gift
New souvenir and memorabilia product for innovation-starved visitor attractions

As of January 2019, the very popular and highly innovative Euro Souvenir Banknote (also known as '0 Euro Banknote') is finally available to order in Ireland! Since its invention in 2015, this creative concept, that has been specifically designed for visitor and tourist attractions, has become very popular in different EU countries in a very short time, whereby proving its commercial success and popularity with visitors and collectors alike. Read More


How tourist and visitor attractions in Ireland benefit from the Euro Souvenir banknote?

Having a real banknote with the picture and name of your attraction on it, be it a museum, a castle, a zoo or any other visitor or tourist site, is a great thing. And your business can benefit from it in different ways. The Euro Souvenir banknote is an innovative product that resonates very well with visitors and collectors alike, as the experience from different EU countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Belgium and others show. And from January 2019, it is available for visitor attractions and touristic sites in Ireland. Read More

marketing and revenue for visitor and tourist attractions in ireland using the 0 EUR banknote aka Euro Souvenir
License contract for Euro Souvenir aka. 0 Euro banknote signed in October 2018

Euro Note Souvenir signed the contract for the country-license for the popular Euro Souvenir concept (also known as 0 Euro banknote) in October, and has acquired the license to print money, so to speak. From January 2019, the company will be ready to take orders from visitor attractions and tourist sites all over Ireland. Any well-known historic and cultural heritage site, iconic buildings and places, landmarks or famous event can now have a real banknote printed with their own picture.  Read More

euro note souvenir null euro schein vertrag country license Ireland
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