Profit for visitor and tourist attractions how can make money

How can tourist and visitor attractions in Ireland benefit from the Euro Souvenir banknote?

Having a real banknote with the picture and name of your attraction on it, be it a museum, a castle, a zoo or any other visitor or tourist site, is a great thing. And your business can benefit from it in different ways. The Euro Souvenir banknote is an innovative product that resonates very well with visitors and collectors alike, as the experience from different EU countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Belgium and others show. And from January 2019, it is available for visitor attractions and touristic sites in Ireland.

Here are some ideas that worked very well for businesses who ordered their own print and started marketing their banknotes.

1. Make a press release in local and/or national media and inform the general public that a banknote with your own attraction will be available soon. (Have a look at some examples here)

2. Plan a little launch event where you invite the general public (and the press) to take part. Or combine the launch of the banknote with an event that you planned anyway. (If you can, invite a public figure to your event)

Your own banknote gives a nice story for the press, and this publicity and press coverage is excellent and gives people a reason to visit your attraction. And of course to buy your 0 Euro banknote when they finish their tour. As the saying goes, “do good things and talk about it”.

3. Start selling the souvenir banknotes at the end of the tour or in your gift shop. Use a vending machine with the picture of your banknote on it (it makes all the sales for you), or sell them via counter display or stand etc.

4. If you have an online shop, start selling your souvenir banknotes online

5. Use your Social Media channels and website to publish the information about your banknote. Take some nice pictures and post them online.

6. You can also think about attaching your souvenir banknotes to a particular cause and use it for a fundraiser. For example, to help cover maintenance cost for your attraction, finance some rebuilding work or new building project, help to cover the cost for some new animal shelter (if you are a zoo or a park), and many more. So people will actively contribute to your cause by purchasing your banknotes.

Following those suggestions, many visitor attractions across the EU had a lot of success with it by increasing the visitor numbers and also facing a strong demand for their souvenir banknotes, from local people as well as abroad.

If you would like to know more or discuss specific ideas for the launch of your own 0 EUR banknote, just get in touch and we are happy to help.

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