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Euro Note Souvenir Ltd is a small, family-owned business in Headford, Co. Galway. It was founded by Peter Schneider and his wife Sara in March 2018, with the mission to bring the popular 0 Euro Souvenir banknote to Ireland. The innovative concept exists only since 2015 (more information please see History section), and the unique tourist souvenirs were available in eight EU-countries so far, but not in Ireland. So the idea was to change that and introduce that great souvenir concept to Ireland's tourist attractions and visitor businesses.

In October 2018, the company acquired the exclusive distribution license for the Euro Souvenir banknotes for Ireland. Any popular tourist attraction can now have a picture of their attraction printed on their own banknotes! This concept is very successful and popular with tourists, visitors and collectors in various other countries, and it will certainly bring great value to Irish tourist businesses, too.

The company was incorporated in December 2018 as EURO NOTE SOUVENIR LIMITED and starts trading as of January, 2019. From then on, the personalized motifs of Ireland's many beautiful cultural and heritage sites, be it natural or built heritage, and all kinds of visitor and tourist attractions can be finally ordered. The Euro Souvenir or 0 Euro Banknote is a great tool for visitor attractions to use in their marketing, generate publicity and footfall (please find some ideas here) and also generate substantial complimentary revenue by selling the banknote to visitors and collectors.

Euro Note Souvenir Limited

A Private Limited Company registered in Ireland. Registration number 640126.

Executive Directors

Peter Schneider,  Managing Director
Sara Schneider-Medwed, Managing Director

Contact Details:

Registered Office:

The Thatch
Co. Galway

Tel.:     +353 (0)89 4373806
Email:  info@euronotesouvenir.ie

Registered Number (BRN): 

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