Excellent Promotional products

The 0 Euro notes are indeed extraordinary promotional products for a tourist or visitor attraction. The notes can be personalized and exclusively designed with an image of an attraction, as for example a castle, abbey or historic building; with animals for a zoo or aquarium; historic persons; and basically anything of which there is a high quality photo, image or drawing.

So the attraction will have its own “banknote”, and that is very popular with visitors and tourists. Besides, it is great content for press and media releases, as well as for social media posts to fans and followers. 

By and large, the great benefits of the 0 Euro notes as promotional products for a visitor business are twofold: they do generate additional revenues as they are sold as souvenirs to visitors, either by counter display or via a special ATM-like vending machine. Secondly, the 0 Euro notes bring great content for marketing and publicity, as mentioned above via press articles and social media posts, and of course word-of-mouth as people talk about it. This generates interest and reminds people and gives a good reason to visit.

Of course the 0 Euro notes are not real banknotes, i.e. no legal tender or way of payment. What could one possibly buy for 0 Euro anyways? But they look and feel absolutely like a real banknote - a banknote with 0 Euro - and this makes people curious about the products and raises eyebrows. And for visitors and tourists, it is a beautiful souvenir and keepsake of their visit. Please find here detailed information about the 0 Euro notes and how they are made. (There is some information about the 0 Euro notes on Wikipedia, but unfortunately in German as it is not available in English).

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