Early orders & reservations of the first Euro Souvenir for Ireland started

About 2 to 3 weeks ago, we activated a small online store at www.euronotesouvenir.com just in case anybody is interested in (pre-)ordering one of the Euro Souvenir banknotes for Ireland as it can be shipped only from beginning of august. And we were more than surprised to receive requests and reservations for bundles of hundreds of euro souvenirs from representatives of collectors' groups and communities in different countries!

Many people have placed already firm orders, and given the strong demand this is very understandable. Orders were received from various countries  such as Germany, France, Slovakia and Spain (i.e those countries where the Euro Souvenirs have become available since 2015. Again, this is something we had not expected, and it is absolutely thrilling to see that love and passion among the collectors and friends of the euro souvenirs, and of course we hope to make the euro souvenir as popular in Ireland as it is in the other countries.

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